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Stenzel & Kivits have formed a duo that combines classical Music and humour since 2000. Their show The perfect Concert part II is now touring along- as an act or evening filling program- the known (humoristic) festivals and theatre and music stages in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria ..and The Netherlands. Stenzel & Kivits play the genre of music and comedy with a surprisingly fresh touch but always recognizable. Musical virtuosity, a sense of humour, technical wit and the joy of playing are just a few of the elements that form the basis of their way of working.

"Music Kabaret in neuer Dimension" was the head of the Badisches Tagblatt. The Suddeutsche Zeitung wrote: "Doch hinter all dem steckt musikalisch Perfection in Form einer solide ausgebildeten Stimme und geschulter Fingerfertigkeit. Denn nur so kann man es wagen Meisterwerke wie Beethovens Fünfte ad absurdum zu Führen". The Eindhovens Dagblad: "At a high pace, the pianist and the singer/double bass player show how classical music can be made accessible to everyone".

Tiny van den Eijnden (Stenzel) made his music & comedy debut in the Huhum trio. Furthermore, he started as the eccentric solo tenor Stenzel, permanently accompanied by a multi functional wing piano. With the duo Stenzel & Geraldo he played from 1998 until 2000.

Wilbert Kivits (Kivits) attended the academy of piano music in Maastricht majoring in jazz.
He is also working as a teacher and composer/arranger.


'98 2nd prize Cabaret Festival Cameretten with Stenzel & Geraldo
'98 Press and Public Award international Laugh Festival Houthalen with Huhum
'98 Sonderpreis Street Theatre Festival Koblenz with Tenor Stenzel
'99 Press Award international Laugh Festival Houthalen with Stenzel & Geraldo
'02 1st Prize Markus Markoni Public Award, International Rotterdam Theatre Festival with Stenzel & Kivits
'12 Moerser Comedy-Preis, Internationalen ComedyArts Festival Moers with Stenzel, Kivits & Menders
'12 Bad Essener Kultur Kanapee 2012 with Stenzel & Kivits
'15 1e price Tuttlinger Krähe with Stenzel & Kivits
'15 public price Tuttlinger Krähe with Stenzel & Kivits
'15 1e price St Ingberter Pfanne with Stenzel & Kivits
'15 Public price St Ingberter Pfanne with Stenzel & Kivits.

2002: 1e prijs Markus Markoni publieksprijs, Internationaal Rotterdamsstraatfestival met Stenzel and Kivits